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Argan Oil 0,73 60ml - QOD Pro

Argan Oil 0,73 60ml - QOD Pro

What it is: 

Argan oil for hair treatment, exclusive used by professional

What it does: 

Argan oil is a hair treatment with deep penetration, a blend of argan oil and low weight silicons. It has a higher concentration of argan oil, which guarantees the professional treatment performance, shine and softness superior than conventional formula.


Complete Description

How to use: 

1 - with dry hair, apply a few drops along hair lengh and tips to reduce frizz 
2 - to use as a leave-in, apply some drops in damp hair. 
3 - to improve your mask treatment, mix some drops to it. 
4 - mix some drops to your hair color to moisturize your hair while gets coloring. 
Ps: it is not a thermo activated. 


External use, keep out of the reach of children, in case of eye contact, wash with water. Storage in fresh and dry place

Argan Oil 0,73 60ml - QOD Pro