Argan Hair Mask 500g - Intensive Treatment - QOD Pro


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QOD PRO Argan Hair Mask is rich in argan oil, soy protein, wheat protein, keratin and silk amino acids. With its slightly acidic PH, it regenerates the hair fiber and seals the cuticles, promoting silkiness and natural shine.

Hair type:

Dry, damaged, frizzy, dull

Key benefits:

Hydration, nutrition, softness, lightness and shine

Highlighted Ingredients:

  • Argan oil – Organic Argan oil, better known as “Moroccan gold” is taken from a tree native to Morocco, the Argania Espinoza. As it is a vegetable oil, rich in fatty acids, it is a powerful antioxidant that treats and protects the hair from mechanical, thermal and chemical aggressions.
  • Conditioning silicones – hair soft and easy to detangle

How to use:

Apply on damp hair, massaging each strand along its length. Let it act for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.