COMBO Argan - Shine and Softness - QOD Pro


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COMBO ARGAN contains 1 Argan Shampoo 300ml + 1 Argan Conditioner 300ml + 1 Argan Mask 210g + 1 Argan Oil 60ml

QOD PRO ARGAN SHAMPOO is a product from the QOD professional line, signed by beauty professionals. Its manufacture is free of salt and sulfate, and specially enriched with keratin and argan oil. It has high reconstructive power, providing shine and softness. With a balanced PH and mild surfactants, it promotes a rich foam that treats and cleans the hair completely.

QOD PRO ARGAN CONDITIONER is a product from the QOD professional line, signed by beauty professionals. It is a conditioning mask with low molecular weight silicones and argan oil that treats and helps seal the hair fiber cuticles.

QOD PRO ARGAN HAIR MASK is rich in argan oil, soy protein, wheat protein, keratin and silk amino acids. With its slightly acidic PH, it regenerates the hair fiber and seals the cuticles, promoting silkiness and natural shine.

QOD PRO ARGAN OIL is a fast-absorbing vegetable oil for capillary treatment that acts on the cuticle of the hair, promoting a silky touch and suppleness. Its action provides shine and immediate protection, constituting a protective film on the strands that result in light hair and free of unwanted split ends.

Hair type:

Dry, damaged, frizzy and dull

Key benefits:

Hydration, nutrition, softness, lightness and shine

Highlighted Ingredients:

• Argan Oil - The organic Argan oil, better known as the “Moroccan gold” is taken from a tree native to Morocco, the Argania Espinoza. As it is a vegetable oil, rich in fatty acids, it is a powerful antioxidant that treats and protects the hair from mechanical, thermal and chemical aggressions.