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STARTER PACK 2 contains:

Hair Pomades:

1 unit QBS Killer Pomade - Matte Effect 70g; is a strong hold hair wax with matt effect, suitable for modeling and structuring short to medium hair.

1 unit QBS Killer Pomade 70g - Shine Effect ; promotes high fixation for thick hair and shine (wet) effect to the strands. It is ideal for modeling and structuring hairstyles.

1 unit QBS Walk Liquid Pomade - Matte Effect 120ml; is inspired by one of the most played songs in 1972, our classic QBS Walk now also comes in liquid hair wax in order to make your routine easier and more practical. With matte effect and medium fixing power, it is ideal for fixing cuts and hairstyles.


1 unit QBS Classic Beard Balm 70g; promotes style and Smooth Beard, is enriched with Argan oil and polymers, providing moisture, shine and beard hair control, to keep your beard in place all day long.


1 unit QBS Beer Shampoo 220ml; is a multifunctional product for hair, beard and skin. It has barley and hop selected extracts, which helps to purify, condition and control oiliness. Specially developed for men’s routine, it promotes moisture and softness.