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KIT SHAVING CREAM & AFTER SHAVE LOTION contains 1 Shaving Cream 100g + 1 After Shave Lotion 100g

QOD Barber Shop Shaving Cream has coconut oil, which moisturizes and helps in sliding the blade, as well as menthol, which promotes skin freshness. With selected and exclusive ingredients, it is a product designed for men who use or completely remove the beard. Can be applied by hand without the need to use a brush.

QOD Barber Shop After Shave Lotion has menthol and allantoin, which provide refreshment and help to regenerate razor-damaged skin. Developed with vitamins and omega 3 and 6, it restores the hydration and the softness in the beard area, while providing a unique fragrance that is trademarked in all QOD Barber Shop products. Feel the aroma of the classic daily!

How to Use Shaving Cream:

Apply a small amount on your hands and spread it over the beard. Shave normally.

How to Use After Shave Lotion:
Spread a small amount of the product in your hands and apply it gently on the beard’s area. Do not rub.